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Review: Foundation

Foundation by Mercedes Lackey My rating: 3 of 5 stars DISCLAIMER: I LOVE Mercedes Lackey and the worlds she created especially Valdemar. I am heavily biased to the world. However, my review is an attempt at impartiality… kinda. Review:Story-Mags is an interesting character. His background is different from many of her former characters and we […]

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Death Note

I only own a few copies of Death Note, but I am definitely going to own them all… this is simply an amazing series that just blows the mind. Two geniuses pitted one against the other, both on the side of good, but one being a death dealing vigilante. Since I am reading the story […]

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Fruits Basket Manga

Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya Status: Complete myCollect: 20 books out of 23 Genre: Shojo/Supernatural/Drama edited: 12 Sept 2008 I definitely want the whole series. I finished reading it online. Now that I know the story, the end to the mystery and the conclusion… I want to go back and read it!! Natsuki Takaya is […]

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Random Thought

Just why is it that I identify and usually become cordial acquaintances with the younger twin? In almost every case this is the truth. I say ‘almost every’, but I cannot recall that I ever became cordial or comfortable with any elder twin, Though it may have happened in the past with some random twin […]

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