Ancient and Disregard

Forward all Comers

Right. Well, I haven’t touched this Blog in forever. The only reason I have currently decided to publish this post is because I was reminded I have it by someone who now works with me. 🙂 Anyhow. I would like to forward all people to my new place (for now) at LiveJournal. Enjoy what […]

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Another Day…

Well, this weekend is what I would term just another day. I can’t believe that I can’t get a loan on cars because I don’t have a co-signer and because I paid off all my credit cards. You think that sentence was bad? Well, it isn’t. It seems to be a problem that I finished […]

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Fresh Start

Hi, I just decided to FINALLY get this thing under control. I don’t really have TIME to do all the necessary work, but NOW, at least, people can POST to this blog. Hmm… Changes since my last update… believe it or not there are a LOT. I have changed the html code in the background […]

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