05 Jun 2007

Dealt with.

Well, I dealt with the buildup. I went home and turned to my nasty cluttered dirty gross kitchenette to scrape up some dinner... and I started cleaning. I cleaned the whole counter and stove area, every place, dish, cup, mug and fork. and the Sink and the cutting boards, even did sweeping with a tiny hand brush. By the time I finished, past all muscles all going weak and shakey (from working them too much without tempering with other stuff) into muscles beginning to cramp (cuz they figured if the shaking and unsteadiness didn't do me, then they would try another method), by then, I had a sparkling kitchenette, no more mad energy, and STILL no dinner. I wasn't gonna eat at 2am. I went to bed feeling accomplished and today I am back to typical (wouldn't want to say 'normal' would I?)

So I have decided in order to deal with my paradoxical energy surges, I have to find another activity that used different muscle groups and flows the power into something I can use. (I can't use the all the power I produce at gymnastics without tearing out my joints... gotta lose more weight) So I have to find a Shinkendo course or an Okinawan Karate school I am comfortable with... or both, so I can use the forces at my disposal without making myself insane.

Yay weightloss.

Thanks for your help everyone.

Oh and I really need to find NY SW Geeks to chat with. That's a different story 😀

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