30 Jul 2008

Death Note

I only own a few copies of Death Note, but I am definitely going to own them all... this is simply an amazing series that just blows the mind. Two geniuses pitted one against the other, both on the side of good, but one being a death dealing vigilante.

Since I am reading the story in scanlations, I don't know the approx book I am on and I have to say.... Although I think L is cool and is a character I would like in any circumstance, Light is still my favorite character and THAT is shocking me to no end. I really don't like Light killing people as Kira, but I really do like the character.... even if he does get boring at one point (I agree with one scanlator who says: "Oh, I miss this Light! Glare, Light, glare!") LOL

Anyway, this story is still up on the air for me, I don't know who will win or what will happen.. you can translate this as "You will always be able to beat me in Chess if you can predict this story"...

I guess since dawn_icons2 is so L crazy I am going to have to find a good icon maker for some Light icons 😉 Dawn has some really awesome L icons and make no mistake that I will raid that section still. I am just too lazy to go beyond that and try to find new icon artists...and I don't even have the time to do the icons I want to do. meh.

Oh, right... and I totally HATE Misa. I hate the character doing ANYTHING other than being a pretty face. I do like the rest of the team including Aiber and Wedy.

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