20 Jan 2006

Knitting Olympics

YUP, you heard me. Knitting Olypmics!

Knitting Olympics

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee initiated the Knitting Olympics. A Competition against yourself. Click the banner above for all the details (opens in new window), but the basics follow. You choose a project that will be a challenge (but not impossible) for you to finish (CO, Knit, Block, Felt, etc) in 16 days. Cast-on begins at opening Ceremonies, project must be completed by closing. Swatching is 'Training' and can be done previous to Flame on.

All those who succeed will be receiving a button that says you finished.

Yes, I plan on entering. It is for ALL levels of experience and ANY project is a challenge for me to complete in that time line... but I haven't decided what to do yet...

ALSO! HELP SAVE PETER BEAGLE author of the Last Unicorn and script writer for the animated version of Lord of the Rings! He is in financial difficulties and he isn't getting any money rightfully due to him. Read the article.

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