29 May 2002

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Today, I feel oddly well. I don't know why, I am not complaining

I just found the Hackers' Jargon Lexicon, and I am enjoying myself. The Hackers' Jargon Lexicon is cool! Go have fun!

It makes me regret I didn't try my hand at hacking when I was able to learn easier, Oh well. According to the MOST GENERIC TERM of 'hacker' I am a hacker because I customize my computers and programs to the extreme.

Whatever. I like customizing my computers, but I don't always know what I did wrong. Like right now I have a problem with the 'RPC Stub' I found out what it means, but I don't know how to fix it and most tech articles give me a headache. Wish I had some hacker friends to fix it so I don't have to waste my time Reinstalling Windows.


Eek! I am realising, as I am reading this dictionary, that I am living in some subworld! I am not a hacker, but I think like one. Mundanes bother me immensely with their inherent uncreative ways. But if you look at my writing, my writing shows that I am not as creative as I feel. How odd.

My thought patterns also mirror Gamers and other SF/Fantasy world dwellers, but I cannot dwell there long. I live in a tunnel between the world that is very unimaginative, and the world that is full of color and light and creativity. In this tunnel, I touch both worlds at times, some times just one, some times just the other.... but sometimes, there is nothing there except a sense that if I could just open my eyes a little more....

Ah, but what do I know.. I can't even get a journal to work properly.

Maybe I will get into programming like I dreamed all those long years ago when those drab mundanes were truly believing that computers were "Just a Fad". It was at that time that I first realised that there were mundanes... tho I had no word for them. At that ripe old age of 10.....

Wow. I have had contempt of society that long... how odd. ::shrug:: oh well.

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24 Jun 2015 at 06:40

Thirteen years later and I am finally nearing my first dream’s realisation! It has been slow, but the journey has been very interesting.


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