30 May 2002

LiveJournal: Exploring frustration

You know, I just learned that frustration is rooted in self-pity. That may be someone's idea, or that may be fact. But at this moment, I don't care.

Here, lemme find the exact quote.....

Thou shalt dismiss feelings of frustration, for they are rooted in self-pity and interfere with positive action.

But my frustration is I want to get out of this place. Place is defined Home, work, and Debt. My positive action is working to raise the money. I am frustrated because I can't get out of here without that thing called money... Hereafter called bargaining chips.

Without a lot of bargaining chips, you cannot bargain your way into a new home. Unless you choose to take the course of 'Good Enuf for now' which lowers your expectations and frustrates you even more.

I USED to do the 'GEFN' route, but it doesn't help when you are trying to climb OUT of that sick pit. Put your dreams high and always strive to fulfill them... If you don't have a dream.... Get one! It'll help.

I don't have a dream, I have Many dreams all of which cannot come true. Only a few of them.

One Comment on “LiveJournal: Exploring frustration

24 Jun 2015 at 06:54

Interesting. I ended up losing this positive outlook and motivation until 2012. I guess I needed to find it over and over again. Stay Positive!


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