27 Dec 2007

Merry Christmas / Happy Kwanzaa!

I certainly hope everyone had a great Christmas or [Insert Holiday/Celebration here].

Mine was great. I was in Chicago for nearly a week, which was almost long enough to accomplish everything. I have to find another week to go back for and maybe THAT time it will be the final working visit 😉 (Read that as, I have a bit more to finish in what used to be my bedroom and is now one of my storage facilities.)

I look forward to the days when I can visit and do whatever I would like -- hang out with my brother and his video games, visit friends in closer cities, do crafts/help sort the craft room, etc.

But until that day, sorting and boxing is in my future Chicago visits 😉

As for Christmas... well, that was not as fun as it has been in years past and more fun in other ways. My favorite part was the long visit.

Ugh, but I have been broke and I didn't have the funds to buy stuff (or time to make stuff) for fellow employees and I didn't send out Christmas Cards.... Again. Now I feel really bad... I got two gift certificates -- one from a co-worker, the other from my boss -- so now I feel bad :-/ Maybe I can fix it with a small box of Godiva for each... Hmmm... or maybe Vosges 😉

Well, write in! Tell me what you got for your gift exchanges!

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