18 May 2007

Parade and Dance

Tomorrow, May 19, 2007 there will be the first ever Dance Parade in NYC. And I wish you were here.

I have the opportunity -- if I choose to go shopping really early tomorrow -- to dance with the first float of the parade 🙂

THose who know me... can you imagine ME -- Dancing -- Red Top -- white bottom.

Well, I can imagine me dancing because there are really big mirrors at Djoniba Dance and Drum Centre (DDDC).  I just don't look that great in white bottoms... and I am not sure I want to promote FHEG with my red polo... it all depends on Anita... if she is here, then I will prolly be in it, otherwise, I will just be another spectator 🙂  Booo Hoo... no dance class saturday... must make it to Sunday.

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