24 Jul 2008

Random Thought

Just why is it that I identify and usually become cordial acquaintances with the younger twin?

In almost every case this is the truth. I say 'almost every', but I cannot recall that I ever became cordial or comfortable with any elder twin, Though it may have happened in the past with some random twin that I didn't know was a twin... or one who lost their twin at some early age.

It is true for both fraternal and identical twins. When twins are standing next to each other and talking to me, I can almost always unfailingly point to the elder. I have a small problem with twins I do not know well if they are not together, like a set of boys who were in one of my karate classes many long years ago. If I focused, I knew which one he was when the other was absent, but the difference in ages between us (they were 10 and I was almost 20) made it harder... but again, I still knew, even if I had to think about it.

Any thoughts? has any other than twins (or triplets or quadruplets, etc) said any such thing?

I am just curious to hear any kind of thoughts on this, since I have been confounded by this series of thoughts for many, many, many years...

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