Things to do, things that have been done, ideas for things to do later.

Modern, Cool Nerd… Uh….

I don’t know if I agree with this one hundred percent… I might want to retake this test, I was iffy on some things and occasionally erred on the side of Geek or Nerd… but most people who know me know that I do not retain or easily access the knowledge I take in or […]

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Save vs. Burn, or Sixty-cent Lesson

Today being a chilly gloomy day in Chicagoland, I decided I wanted something WARM to drink or consume. Soon after arriving at work, I wander down to the cafeteria to see what is available for breakfast. All I see is platefuls of fat inducing or grease filled stuff. Well, that plainly tells me I am […]

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Long weekend

Doctor Who was as awesome as I hoped 😉 And boy did I have a long weekend. Drove to Michigan to pick up my mother from my grandmother’s house (2-1/2 to 3 hours)… after watching Doctor Who twice, got there 3am local time. Slept for about five hours until my cousins (really young) were dumped […]

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