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Shiro no Jumon

Right… I don’t know if I mentioned it, but MAN I love Shiro no Jumon by doa. it is the end credits for Saiyuki: Reload Gunlock. It is just a tongue twister song that runs in a rhythmic way that I am so intrigued by the words themselves. The translation is ok, but I can’t […]

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Saiyuki: Reload Discs 3 and 4

Yeah… yesterday was another day of obsessions ending with watching two discs of Reload. I have decided that while I still love the characters, I am not a real big fan of this Reload series. Although, I am excited to see that the final two episodes on disc 4 was starting to lead into the […]

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Three or Four Animes, a Manga and a Movie.

Ok, so I finished watching the first Saiyuki series. LOVED IT … right up until the end. The end seemed kind of lame… not the VERY end… just the end to the sequence kind of fell short of what I expected. Meh, not a problem though. It was still a very interesting set of events. […]

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Saiyuki Obsession

I am obsessed with Saiyuki. Not Cosplay obsessed… yet. Not FanFic obsessed… again yet. But I cannot get through my day without thinking about the episodes and the manga I have read so far. When I close my eyes I see a screencap from Saiyuki. Yeah. I got it bad. Dammit. HOwever… because of this…. […]

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