22 Jul 2008

Ya know…

There is a distinct DISadvantage to reading a ton of manga and watching a ton of anime all at once...

They start getting mixed up and the AMVs change in my head *sigh* I will have to just watch all the Saiyuki again. Drats 😉 I have a feeling getting the AMV ideas for the metallica stuff is not that far away when I am watching the series again...

Meh, but interesting concepts appear between other songs and Fruits Basket... I want to get to the END! I want the answers to all the mysteries!~!! LOl
oops, sorry. Little fangirl rant in the middle.

Anyway... yeah, disappointed because I can't do AMVs and there are AWARDS this year at the New York Anime Festival... *sigh* Oh well.... if I stopped spending my money on manga, i might be able to afford the Anime first... LOL

But it will most likely be less expensive to wait until the NYAF... dilemmas.

🙂 and that is my insane post of the day.

Oh yes, please click through on Anime Fever (you don't even need to stop! Just click and close the window that opens!)

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